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 (kə-wä′goi, -gô-ĕ)
A city of east-central Honshu, Japan, northwest of Tokyo. Its manufactures include silk textiles.
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local time, in the city of Kawagoe, north of Tokyo, made several phone calls on their emergency hotline to the authorities, (https://www.
Oishi A, Akimoto M, Kawagoe N, Mandai M, Takahashi M, Yoshimura N.
In 1986, he became plant manager of the adhesive tape manufacturing site at Kawagoe Plant (Saltama prefecture).
Japan has been helping the Philippines improve its skills in maritime law enforcement, safety and environment protection, Captain Koichi Kawagoe of Japan's coast guard told reporters.
The target of this exercise is mutual interest such as pirates and illegal trafficking -- firearms and drugs," Japan's exercise director Captain Koichi Kawagoe told reporters while on board BRP Batangas, a search and rescue vessel carrying foreign observers from the Asian Coast Guard Agencies and media men who witnessed the event.
To celebrate the launch of the direct service, a parade was held at Yokohama Chinatown, while in Saitama's Kawagoe, 300 people attended a ceremony in the historic city that attracts tourists.
Disposable Pant-Type Diaper: Katsuhiko Sugiyama, Tokyo, Japan; Tomotsugu Miyeshi, Kawagoe, Japan; Takeshi Niimi, lotion, Japan; lzumi Tashiro, Kasugai, Japan; and Kahori Suzuki, Saitama, Japan.
Under the binding terms of the tripartite SPA, Qatargas will transport and deliver (ex-ship) LNG to a cluster of LNG receiving terminals located in Japan including Chita, Kawagoe, Yokkaichi, Joetsu and Sodeshi, all in Japan.
Under the agreement, Qatargas will supply a minimum of 200,000 tonnes per annum of LNG for a period of five years to a cluster of LNG receiving terminals located in Japan including Chita, Kawagoe, Yokkaichi, Joetsu and Sodeshi.
secretary); Helen Kawagoe, city clerk, Carson, Calif.
Later in the day, Okada reiterated in a news conference held in Kawagoe, Mie Prefecture, that there is no change in the party's policy of asking Ozawa to appear before the lower house ethics panel to explain the scandal.
Directed by Saitama-based filmmaker Shin Sonoda, it features scenes shot in local towns including the popular tourist spot Kawagoe.