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 (kə-zăn′, -zän′)
A city of west-central Russia on the Volga River east of Moscow. After growing to prominence in the 1400s as the capital of a powerful Tatar khanate, Kazan was conquered by Czar Ivan IV in 1552, becoming part of Russia.


(kəˈzæn; -ˈzɑːn; Russian kaˈzanj)
(Placename) a city in W Russia, capital of the Tatar Autonomous Republic on the River Volga: capital of an independent khanate in the 15th century; university (1804); a major industrial centre. Pop: 1 108 000 (2005 est)


(Biography) Elia (ˈiːljə), real name Elia Kazanjoglous 1909–2003, US stage and film director and writer, born in Turkey. His films include Gentleman's Agreement (1947) and On the Waterfront (1954) for both of which he won Oscars, and East of Eden (1955)



the capital of the Tatar Autonomous Republic in the SE Russian Federation in Europe, near the Volga River. 1,094,000.
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Noun1.Kazan - United States stage and screen director (born in Turkey) and believer in method acting (1909-2003)
2.Kazan - an industrial city in the European part of RussiaKazan - an industrial city in the European part of Russia
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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Moscow: Fitch Ratings has affirmed the Russian City of Kazan's Long-Term Foreign- and Local-Currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDRs) at 'BB-', with Stable Outlooks, and Short-Term Foreign-Currency IDR at 'B'.
With 24 SSDs running in a 2U enclosure, Kazan's NVMe over Fabrics(TM) interfaces deliver over 15 million I/Os per second, believed to represent a new high-water mark in performance.
Since then M'Vila has made three league appearances as he builds his fitness after a summer in exile from Kazan's first team.
FOOTBALL RUBIN KAZAN V STURM GRAZ 5pm A BET on three goals or more looks best in this evening's Europa League third qualifying round clash at Kazan's Central Stadium, writes Max Oram.
Each and every dispatch is peppered with Kazan's unique charm and startling honesty.
Kazan's population consisted of Finno-Ugric peoples, some hunters and gatherers but others agriculturalists, living under the hegemony of a Muslim Tatar ruling class holding service-conditional land grants from a khan legitimated as a Chingisid; the Muslim religion of the ruling class was articulated by a literate ulema, and Kazan's economy was already well integrated into the Asian luxury trade.
While that output alone secures Kazan's place in the pantheon, it only marked the peak of a four-decade career that began with a backstage apprenticeship to the Group Theatre in 1932, where he earned the nickname "Gadget" or "Gadg," and lasted through the late 1960s, when he retired from directing after 25 Broadway plays and 17 major motion pictures.
Like many of Kazan's buildings of the period, it has been constructed using local pale sandstone rather than of brick.
Also, Kazan's central location facilitates a quicker and more flexible response to requests from Russia's east.
com)-- One year prior to the 27th Summer Student Games in Kazan, EF Education First (EF) and the Universiade Directorate recently announced their partnership at Kazan's Kremlin presidential residence.
Craig Sives 6 difficuLt night and his foul of Martins for Kazan's penalty was blatant and deserved booking.