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 (käz-bĕk′), Mount
A dormant volcano, 5,047 m (16,558 ft) high, of northern Georgia in the central Caucasus. Towering above a nearby pass, it is the subject of many legends.


(Placename) Mount Kazbek an extinct volcano in N Georgia in the central Caucasus Mountains. Height: 5047 m (16 558 ft)



Mount, an extinct volcano in the central Caucasus Mountains between the Georgian Republic and the Russian Federation. 16,541 ft. (5042 m).
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The chairman of the Government of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania Taymuraz Tuskaev, his deputy Ahsarbek Fadzayev, the Minister of Housing and Utilities Albert Sokurov, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Kazbek Vaziev, the head of the Alagir district Arsen Butaev, the heads of the district's municipal services participated in the discussion .
As part of the Year of Development of Regions, a logistics center, a large slaughterhouse and a cement plant are planned to be built in Talas region this year, head of the regional development department of the regional government Kazbek Medetbekov reported.
One of the climbers has Lenin peak, Kazbek, Elbrus, etc behind.
com/another-dead-russian-journalist-reporter-killed-restive-caucasus-region-925447) Kazbek Gekkiyev  suffered a fatal gunshot wound.
His father was the director of Stavropol University's dance ensemble Kazbek, which his mother also became a member of, going on to perform solos.
Later in the bronze-medal competition, the Persian Greco-Roman fighter pulled out a firm and decisive 8-0 victory over Kazbek Kilou of Belarus.
Opting for a day trip to the northern part of Georgia will take you to Gergeti Trinity Church, which sits on the top of a hill, Mount Kazbek towering 5,000 meters behind it.
According to Kazbek Bazhaev, CEO of AS Amur, a subsidiary of RP which manages the development of Kondyor, the technical experience obtained will allow the company to be more efficient during the implementation of a project In Krasnoyrsk Krai.
Estos ejes ademas se forman con una nocion renovada del libro infinito, como sigue haciendo con el "ciclo de cuentos" La luna nomada, su punto de partida como narrador; y con el concepto del "libro flotante", puesto en practica en sus novelas mas recientes, El libro flotante de Caytran Dolphin (2006) y Kazbek (2008b).
We plan establishment of two more industrial zones at the station of Kairat in Talgarsky district and station of Kazbek in Zhambyl district," said Batalov.