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(ˈkɑr ni)

a city in S Nebraska, on the Platte. 21,158.
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asked one of the Kearney brothers, without looking up from his work.
You'd make a healthy-lookin' figger in a group," responded Kearney, critically regarding an enormous patch in Mattingly's trousers.
Leave that to me," said Kearney, with self-possession.
After some further discussion, it was gravely settled that Kearney should furnish water brought from the Union Ditch, twenty miles away, at a cost of two hundred thousand dollars, to feed a memorial fountain erected by Mattingly, worth a hundred thousand dollars, as a crowning finish to public buildings contributed by Maryland Joe, to the extent of half a million more.
said the younger Kearney, with an odd mingling of astonishment and bashful gratification.
Or throw ourselves into those new clothes, so as to be ready," added the younger Kearney, looking down at his ragged trousers.
Fort Kearney station, where there was a garrison, was only two miles distant; but, that once passed, the Sioux would be masters of the train between Fort Kearney and the station beyond.
Carried on by the force already acquired, the train still moved for several minutes; but the brakes were worked and at last they stopped, less than a hundred feet from Kearney station.
My company was one of those stationed at Fort Phil Kearney, commanded by Colonel Carrington.
She lives on the banks of Killarney; From the glance of her eye, Shun danger and fly, For fatal's the glance of Kate Kearney.
Several weeks after I had been informed of the engagement, but before it had been convenient for me to make the acquaintance of the young woman and her family, I met one day on Kearney street a handsome but somewhat dissipated-looking man whom something prompted me to follow and watch, which I did without any scruple whatever.
Denis Kearney, a notorious demagogue of San Francisco, whose audiences