Kegel exercise

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Ke·gel exercise

Any of various exercises involving controlled contraction and release of the muscles at the base of the pelvis, used especially as a treatment for urinary incontinence.

[After Arnold H. Kegel (1894-1981), American gynecologist.]
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A Kegel exercise consists of contracting (squeezing) the muscles for several seconds and then relaxing them.
com), a kegel exercise tracker in the form of a medical-grade silicon pod that connects via Bluetooth to an app, guiding women through the exercises and enabling them to monitor biofeedback.
Kegel exercise is associated with increase instrength and endurance in pelvic floor muscles.
Assessment of Kegel exercise performance after brief verbal instruction.
Push down into your feet and rise to a standing position while doing a Kegel exercise (described above), and then slowly sit back down.
More than 70% of the respondents (217 women) did not know what Kegel exercise was and only 18% (52 women) admitted having practiced or still practicing this exercise.
Their extensive line of products includes Can-C eye drops, skincare products, Kegel exercise machines, Uriflow, D-Mannose for UTIs, and many other personal care products.
26] For the pelvic floor, the Kegel exercise meets the specificity requirement and is the only considered to improve PFM fibre function.
When learning the Kegel exercise, contractions can be held for 3-5 seconds, and repeated 10 times, 2-3 times per day: Very rapid Kegel exercises should also be performed.
Readers interested in a copy of Kegel exercise instructions may write to: Kegel Exercise, The Saturday Evening Post, 1100 Waterway Blvd.
For details, write to: Kegel Exercise, The Saturday Evening Post, 1100 Waterway Boulevard, Indianapolis, Indiana 46206.
Although the researchers suggest more studies are needed to confirm their findings, they felt confident in prescribing the Kegel exercise for several types of urinary incontinence, including nighttime wetting.