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(ˈkɛn ən)

George Frost, born 1904, U.S. author and diplomat.
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Noun1.Kennan - United States diplomat who recommended a policy of containment in dealing with Soviet aggression (1904-2005)
diplomat, diplomatist - an official engaged in international negotiations
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He did not know, and he was never to know, that one, known to men as Harley Kennan, but known as "Husband-Man" by the woman he called "Wife-Woman," who owned the three-topmast schooner yacht Ariel, had saved his life by sending a thirty-thirty Marlin bullet through the base of a shark's fin.
But Jerry was to know Harley Kennan, and quickly, for it was Harley Kennan, a bowline around his body under his arm-pits, lowered by a couple of seamen down the generous freeboard of the Ariel, who gathered in by the nape of the neck the smooth-coated Irish terrier that, treading water perpendicularly, had no eyes for him so eagerly did he gaze at the line of faces along the rail in quest of the one face.
Next, Harley Kennan directed him toward the woman sitting up in the deck-chair and bending forward, with hovering hands of greeting.
You mean," Villa Kennan challenged, "that these head-hunting cannibals ashore here keep records of pedigrees and maintain kennels; for surely this absurd adventurer of a dog is as proper an Irish terrier as the Ariel is an Oregon-pine-planked schooner.
Villa Kennan carried out the suggestion, and Jerry came circumspectly, bent his head to her hand and writhed his back under it, the while he sniffed her feet, stocking-clad and shoe-covered, and knew them as the feet which had trod uncovered the ruined ways of the village ashore.
Johnny, whom Kennan beckoned up to him, was a loan from the Resident Commissioner of the British Solomons at Tulagi, who had come along as pilot and guide to Kennan rather than as philosopher and friend.
And yet you've overlooked the crowning proof of it," Villa Kennan teased.
After another prolonged scrutiny, Kennan shook his head.
Then he's the sole survivor of the Arangi," Villa Kennan concluded.
First, there had been Mister Haggin, Derby and Bob, of Meringe; next, Captain Kellar and Captain Kellar's mate of the Eugenie; and, finally, Harley Kennan and the officers of the Ariel.
He leaves two daughters, Alexis Weaver of Fiskdale and Jody Finneran of Rochdale; two step daughters, Soyna Kennan of Spencer and Crystal Reynolds of Cherry Valley; two brothers, John Weaver and Frank Weaver; three sisters, Robin Weaver, April Howard all of Worcester and Christine Basler of Brockton; five grandchildren, Sabrina and Katerina LaFlash, Justin, Ethan and Aaron Finneran and four step grandchildren, Jason, Corey and Timmy Reynolds and Adrianna Kennan.
Robert Kennan, an auctioneer specialising in print from London, has organised the project and this week took Mr Ackroyd to the mine and port sites to draw sketches for the etchings.