Kennebec River

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Ken·ne·bec River

A river, about 240 km (150 mi) long, of west-central and southern Maine flowing generally south to the Atlantic Ocean.
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With close to 3,000 vehicles using it each day, the bridge is an important crossing over the Kennebec River.
On a knob of land overlooking the Kennebec River, they found a curiously flat-roofed, midcentury cedar cabin that was clad inside, from stem to stern, with knotty pine and had two walls of picture windows overlooking the roiling water.
The team found that shortnose sturgeon in the Penobscot may migrate to spawn in the Kennebec River, a 170- mile-long (270 km) river flowing through the heart of Maine, which has been one focus for migratory fish habitat restoration.
Its location on the Kennebec River and proximity to the town center made it ideal for redevelopment.
The hydroelectric assets are based across three major river systems -- the Kennebec River System, the Saco River System and the Androscoggin River System.
The hydroelectric assets are situated across three major river systems -- the Kennebec River System, the Saco River System and the Androscoggin River System.
Hawley discusses at length several significant ancillary issues, including 1) the critical importance of Columbia Basin chinook salmon to the diet of endangered killer whales residing in Puget Sound, (38) 2) the virtues of dam removal to salmon restoration in Butte Creek in northern California, (39) and 3) the remarkable ecosystem recovery that took place after the removal of the Edwards Dam on the Kennebec River in 1999.
Highland Wind LLC, has submitted a permit application to build a 48 turbine industrial wind complex in the mountains of Highland Plantation, between the Kennebec River and the Bigelow Preserve.
When Woodruff was growing lip, his family took annual pilgrimages to the coastal town of Georgetown, Maine, located on the mouth of the Kennebec River.
Along the shores of the Kennebec River in Maine there has been a revolution in shipbuilding as Bath Iron Works (BIW), Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Bath, and Sailors from USS Stockdale (DDG 106) worked together to build a ship of top-notch quality and efficiency to serve the nation.
Bath is a city of about 10,000 people on the Kennebec River in the Midcoast region of Maine, but the population swells greatly during the summer tourism season.