Kentucky wonder

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Noun1.Kentucky wonder - flat-podded green bean
green bean - immature bean pod eaten as a vegetable
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Bush beans include Bountiful (1898), Black Valentine (pre-1850) and Pencil Pod (yellow 1900), and any pole bean listing would begin with Kentucky Wonder (1877) and include Jacob's Cattle (ancient) and Vermont Cranberry (1700), both growing at Old Sturbridge Village.
You can't go wrong with haricots verts, the slender, very tender beans eaten when only a few inches long; classic Blue Lake, with dark green, plump pods and a mild, sweet flavor; and Kentucky Wonder, which is similar to Blue Lake but a little wider.
Last year, Russell planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans in the planters.
Many of the region's heirloom crops, such as Kentucky Wonder pole beans and Cherokee Moon and Stars watermelons, are known by gardeners nationwide as some of the most delicious and reliable varieties available.
For the dryer, I like Rattlesnake or Kentucky Wonder.

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