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Noun1.Kenyata - Kenyan statesman and the first president of independent Kenya (1893-1978)
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Avec le president Kenyata du Kenya, il a ete davantage question de l'etat des relations bilaterales et des perspectives de leur renforcement, en prevision de la prochaine commission mixte algero-kenyane, devant se tenir a Alger au cours de la premiere quinzaine du mois de decembre 2016.
Kenyata Wesley (Acting) 3600 Defense Pentagon Room 3E185 (571) 256-7791
The pioneers of African independence movements like Khwame Nkhuruma , Mzee Jomo Kenyata, Emperor Haile Selesia, Mawlimu Nyareer gave it all they had.
Kenya: Presented at the second annual national bio-safety conference held in August 5-9, 2013 at Kenyata International Conference Centre, Nairobi, Kenya.
He flew on the same plane with Jomo Kenyata of Kenya and Milton Obote (1925-2005) of Uganda.
Now we stand undivided, under one flag, committed to achieving sustainable economic prosperity, to be shared by all communities" said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his address delivered at the state banquet hosted by his Kenyan Counter Part Uhuru Kenyata in honour of him at the State House in Nairobi Friday (13).
Botswana has endorsed African Union s proposal that the International Criminal Court (ICC) should defer Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyata s trial scheduled for November 12.
Kenyata said the availability of power would not only boost industrial production and trade in the region, but also assist the country to achieve its objectives as enshrined in Vision 2030 - which aims to transform the Kenyan economy from a struggling income nation to a medium income and industrialized country.