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 (kē′ə-kŭk′) 1790?-1848.
Sauk leader who aided the United States in the Black Hawk War (1832) and negotiated peace between his people and the Lakota (1837).
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Noun1.Keokuk - Sauk leader who aided the United States against Black Hawk (1790-1848)Keokuk - Sauk leader who aided the United States against Black Hawk (1790-1848)
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Its subsidiaries include Decatur Junction Railway Co, Elkhart & Western Railroad Co, Fort Smith Railroad Co, The Garden City Western Railway Inc, Georgia Southern Railway Company, Gettysburg & Northern Railroad Co, Indiana Southwestern Railway Co, The Keokuk Junction Railway Co and Kendallville Terminal Railway Co.
The first pour at Keokuk Steel Castings (KSC), the foundry Brad and Annie Mills purchased and restarted, was an important milestone.
The clinics in Burlington, Keokuk and Sioux City will close effective June 30.
Cooper served as chief engineer of the Keokuk Dam on the Mississippi River (1913); design and consulting engineer for the Wilson Dam on the Muscle Shoals River (1924); and a consulting engineer on the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, Soviet Union (1932).
Therefore, the sentence "Kent and Kirk left Keokuk to catch kokanee in Canada" is inherently funnier than the sentence "Two guys from Iowa went fishing up north.
At Brehm Communications' Mississippi Valley Media in Iowa (Daily Gate City in Keokuk, Daily Democrat in Fort Madison, Hancock County Journal-Pilot in Carthage, Ill.
The family spent eight years working in Keokuk to buy wagons and oxen to take their growing family along the journey with many others, by wagon train, more than 1,300 miles across the Rocky Mountains to Manti in west central Utah.
Closing out her husband's stop Tuesday in Keokuk, Heidi Cruz told supporters the "media will try everything they can to not talk about our campaign, to not cover our events.
00 were presented to high school hornists David Eddy, Rockridge IL; Andrew Selig, Sycamore IL; Zachary Zahnle, Macomb IL; and Holly Noneman of Keokuk IA.
TSS operates in Ketchikan, Juneau, and Craig and opened offices in Keokuk, Iowa; Quincy, Illinois; and Hannibal, Missouri.
Tongue in cheek, he declared himself an "Antiquarian" in the Keokuk City Directory for 1856-7.
It's 1861, and the men of Keokuk, Iowa, have finally been called to war.