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A state of southern India on the Malabar Coast. Since antiquity, its geographic position has resulted in extensive contact with other cultures, including Greek, Roman, Jewish, and Arab traders.


(ˈkɛrələ; kəˈrɑːlə)
(Placename) a state of SW India, on the Arabian Sea: formed in 1956, it includes the former state of Travancore-Cochin; has the highest population density of any Indian state. Capital: Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram). Pop: 31 838 619 (2001). Area: 38 863 sq km (15 005 sq miles)


(ˈkeɪ rə lə, ˈkɛr ə-)

a state in SW India on the Arabian Sea. 29,098,578; 15,035 sq. mi. (38,940 sq. km). Cap.: Trivandrum.
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Chatterjee 171-92) In early 20th century Kerala, community reform movements enjoyed enormous clout and the state was in fact called upon to legislate in order to transform the inner-most social spaces of marriage and family by community movements whose major agenda was, the transformation of internally-heterogeneous, loosely structured pre-modern caste groups in to internally homogeneous, strongly bound and mutually exclusive modern communities (Domesticating Malayalees: Family Planning, the Nation and Home-centred Anxieties in Mid-21st Century Keralam, Devika 46).
She knew how to keep the audience charged up throughout her one-hour performance, moving from popular hits to regional language songs such as Why This Kolaveri Di in Tamil, Nenjinullil Neeyanu Fathima and Ente Keralam Ethra Sundaram in Malayalam, and a couple of songs in Punjabi, Assamese and Bengali.
The march was organised by the Queer Pride Keralam Group, which includes Queerala (a support group for the LGBT community, their friends and family) and Sahayathrika (a Human Rights Organisation for Lesbian and Bisexual women in Kerala) and others from the previous pride marches.
Mlinyamuktha Keralam, Clean Mangalore, Clean Mysore" were other campaigns initiated by the group aimed at creating a 'Plastic and Litter Free" world, M.
The Haindava Keralam, a Hindu advocacy group which is based in the southern state of Kerala, commented that, by draping Mother Mary in the clothes of Indian tribals, Christian missionaries are creating " distortions" by masquerading "foreign religions" as "local religions by appropriating (more correctly, stealing) their way of worship and religious symbols.
The modern and high-tech Keralam - Museum of History and Heritage - gives a peek into the evolution of Kerala and its stunning cultural artifacts.
Lush, verdant, and luxuriant, with colours richer and deeper, varying shades that dance within a green spectrum, foliage that bends into a water line of endless canals and placid backwaters, that is Enda Keralam, a colorist's delight.
En-gendering individuals; the language of re-forming in twentieth century Keralam.
The dishes at Rasa are inspired by home cooking from the state of Keralam, which lies on the Malabar Coast of India, an area made up almost entirely of inland waterways, coconut groves and spice plantations.
Keralam 5g Ashkalani -1 I bought him from Graham Thorner, and although he is very lazy at home he won a bumper on his only start for us.

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