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n.1.A compound in which tar or asphaltum combined with animal or vegetable oils is vulcanized by sulphur, the product closely resembling rubber; - used principally as an insulating material in telegraphy.
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Kerite has manufactured ESP for the oil and gas industry for over 30 years.
The turnkey projects were managed by Kerite, leveraging years of cable expertise, with national utility contractor Anderson b Wood assisting with engineering of the project and excavation work in the field.
Kerite and Anderson & Wood engineers opted for the underground circuit solution, due to an existing network of overhead distribution lines and 230 kV transmission lines at both substation locations.
In addition to RSCC and Dekoron, operating companies include in the US Aetna Insulated Wire, Cable USA, Comtran Cable, Gendon Polymer Services, Harbour Industries, Hendrix, Kerite, Owl Wire, RSCC Aerospace & Defense, TEW&C, Unitherm; and in India, Radiant-RSCC Specialty Cable.
Local manufacturing company, The Kerite Company, recently installed two YoZone vending machines because it simply wanted to create a healthier environment for its employees.
Chance, and Kerite -- further expands and diversifies the company's Power Systems Platform.
On the profit side, Chance brought the largest increment but profits were also higher at Ohio Brass and The Kerite Co.
Construction of a new Kerite power cable manufacturing facility in Seymour, Conn.