n.1.See Carl.
References in classic literature ?
Der ver fluchte Kerl came in the morning like a "tam' ropper," making a great noise, and took him away.
But my favourite "take" on the news comes from spoof Twitter account, Cheryl Kerl.
A Noongar name for Esperance Bay is Kayepa Kerl, describing waters (kayepa) shaped like a boomerang (kerl).
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Torsten Kerl sings Rienzi with sweet yet forceful tone, though struggling with the fiorature.
Kodama K, Massone C, Chott A, Metze D, Kerl H, Cerroni L.
Among the soloists joining the CBSO and its Men's Chorus are Torsen Kerl as Tristan, and the Isolde of Lioba Braun.
This week, Kerl was quick to comment on the latest forecast for the UK's economy from Threadneedle Street: "Bank of England's cut grurth predicshinz tuh 1% faw 2012.
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I agree with Kerl (2002), who wrote, "We cannot necessarily know what is true or even real outside our own understanding of it, our own worldview, our own meanings that are embedded in who we are" (p.
Th love it and thi hat twitter ight's gotta be that tw lowlight' ook impersonator book im Cheryl Kerl, Woath it?