v. t.1.To form a key seat, as by cutting. See Key seat, under Key.
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Worldwide Industrial designed its new cutting tools manufacturers & distributors directory as a user-friendly and extensive resource for those sourcing saw blades, end mills, lathe centers, drilling inserts, drill blanks, countersinks, tap & die, hand tools, keyseat cutters, face mills, counterbores, reamers and other tools to cut virtually every material that can be cut," said Stevens.
The company had been known for its center drills which are double-ended tools, but in recent years has expanded its product range to include carbide end mills, keyseat cutters, and dovetail milling cutters, countersinks and miniature HSS steel end mills, and specials.
The Titespot keyseat cutting head from Eltool Corp.
The company reported the site includes offerings for turning threading & boring tools, diamond saw blades, cut-off tools, tap & die, parting & grooving tools, machine tool accessories, lathe centers, keyseat cutters & keys, insert drills & drilling inserts, hand tools, face mills, insert end mills & milling, end mills, drills & drill blanks as well as other cutting tools for metal, plastic, glass, wood and other applications.
Titespot keyseat cutting heads are coolant-driven and eliminate secondary broaching or milling operations on gears, sheaves, hubs, and pulleys.