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 (kä′chä-to͝or′ē-ən, kăch′ə-, KHə-chə-to͞or-yän′), Aram Ilich 1903-1978.
Russian composer of Armenian parentage whose works include concertos for piano and violin, symphonies, and ballets, such as Gayane (1942).


(ˌkɑːtʃəˈtʊərɪən; xətʃətuˈrjan)
(Biography) Aram Ilich (ˈarəm iljˈjitʃ). 1903–78, Russian composer. His works, which often incorporate Armenian folk tunes, include a piano concerto and the ballets Gayaneh (1942) and Spartacus (1954)


(ˌkɑ tʃəˈtʊər i ən, ˌkætʃ ə-)

Aram Ilich, 1903–78, Armenian composer.
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Noun1.Khachaturian - Russian composer (born in Armenia) whose works are romantic and reflect his interest in folk music (1903-1978)
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The sheer variety of the programme, which also included music by Rossini, Khachaturian, Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss, Delibes and Bernstein, was almost overwhelming, but in a good way.
Two agreements within the framework of the visit,have been finished the Export Loan Agreement on Financing the Refurbishment Project of Aram Khachaturian Concert Hall between the Republic of Armenia, namely the Ministry of Finance and Erste Bank - and two more equipment supply agreements between the RA Ministry of Culture and the Austrian company Wgner Biro.
John Cage, Henry Cowell, Alan Hovhaness, Aram Khachaturian, and Lou Harrison are all represented here.
You can't believe it,'' said Khachaturian, 67, an engineer who said he was attending his first Lockerbie memorial ceremony and had recently dreamt that Stratis had somehow returned to life.
Ara Khachaturian, Lebanon's charge d'affaires in Pretoria, South Africa, informed Mansour Tuesday of the kidnapping of Moein Azmi Yazbek, 22.
The music of the Spartacus Ballet is composed by the globally-acclaimed Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian.
Dozens of dancers participated in the ballet, which was composed by Armenian musician Aram Khachaturian in 1954.
Gregory Armenian Food Festival Committee is pleased to announce the 56th Annual Armenian Bazaar & Food Festival, celebrating Armenian-American heritage, to be held September 13th through 15th at The Khachaturian Armenian Community Center in San Francisco, CA.
Moscow State Symphony Orchestra - Thursday, May 23 Conducted by Pavel Kogan, with outstanding cellist Nina Kotova as special guest, the programme will feature two works by Khachaturian, plus Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No.
DRESDEN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA: WARWICK ARTS CENTRE, COVENTRY RUSSIAN composer Khachaturian is best known for his ballet music Spartacus - its sweeping Adagio was the theme for the TV series The Onedin Line.
That musical bravado was there, too, in the sabre dance from Gayaneh by Khachaturian.
A rousing Spartacus Suite from Khachaturian was loud enough to blow away any cobwebs and yet still captured the romance of the adagio.