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 (hĭ-răk′lē-ən) or I·rá·klei·o (ĭ-rä′klē-ō) also Can·di·a (kăn′dē-ə)
A city of southern Greece on the northern coast of Crete. It was founded by Saracens in the ninth century and passed to the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottoman Turks before becoming part of Greece in 1913.


or He•rak•li•on

(ɪˈræk li ən, -ˈrɑ kli-)
a seaport on the N coast of Crete, in Greece. 243,622. Also called Candia.
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Tenders are invited for Repairing and servicing of wac/split ac units at te/bts khandak more , Sohsarai and devisarai in sde(p) biharsharif under patna ssa
On a relevant context, the delegation visited the markets of Bab al-Nasr and Al Khandak Str.
Of the known landmarks in Musalmat Village is Beit al Khandak, an archaeological house, which remains a testament to the creative hands of Omanis since ancient times.
En route to Khandak al-Ghamiq's first site, the directive points out an excavation site and suggests, "you can climb and take a look .
Mazen Hariri and Ahmed Fekhran, both scholars at Lebanon's highest Sunni seat of learning, Dar al-Fatwa, were attacked by a group of men in the mainly Shiite Khandak al-Ghamik area after they left the Mohammed al-Amin mosque in downtown Beirut, security sources said on Monday.
AaAaAa On environment protection, the plan concerns the development of Oued Ras El Ma two shores, the Khandak Essamar park, the 20 August garden and a dump for solid waste.
8) En el ano 824, los sarracenos conquistaron Creta y la organizan como un estado arabe independiente y bautizan a su capital Khandak (foso) que deriva en Candia, hoy Heraklion.
military there (the military presence is fairly limited with 14 Army and one Navy) is to provide embedded training for the 5th Khandak (ANA Battalion attached to the 1st Corps) comprised of approximately 200 ANA soldiers.
Tenders are invited for Patch Reparing Work At Madal House And Baruni Khandak.
NNA - A delegation of Beirut lawmakers on Tuesday visited the Lebanese Army Commander, General Jean Qahwaji, and Internal Security Forces Chief, Major General Ashraf Rifi, to follow up on the fresh attack on four Dar-al-Fatwa Sheikhs in Khandak al-Ghamik and Shayyah.
At least five people were arrested for taking part in attacks against four Muslim sheikhs in Beirut as dozens of people blocked roads in Beirut, Sidon and the Bek Valley to protest against the attacks, which took place in two majority Shiite Beirut neighborhoods of Shiyah and Khandak al-Ghamik.
Tenders are invited for Digging And Renovation Of Khandak Pond, Vill-Malak Bharat, Block-Muratganj, Distt.