Khitan Liao

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Khi·tan Liao

 (kē′tän′ lyou′)
A dynasty founded by the seminomadic Khitans that ruled northern China from 907 to 1125.

[Khitan + Mandarin Liáo, dynasty name chosen by the third Khitan emperor in 947.]
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In 1115, a Jurchen [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], non-Sinitic etymology] (Manchu-Tungus) power founded (N3) the Jin/Kim [91D1 [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (jin/kim), a newly made ethnonym that means "gold [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]]" (1008: #9185) in Sui-Tang-Song Chinese] Empire, or officially the Da-Jin/Kim [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (da-jin/dai-kim), 'great gold'] Empire in far north-east China that was a territory of the Khitan Liao Empire.
In 1218, the fled Khitan Liao Empire was defeated and annexed by the Mongol Khanate when the last sovereign of Khitan Liao was executed after losing his last battle.
During the war between Khitan Liao and Jin/Kim, in 1120, the first Mongol Khanate was founded.
The Khitan Liao Empire was called "Qara Khita'i" [[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'Great Khitan' or 'Black Khitan'] by nations in Central Asia.
Bohai worked in the bureaucracy and army of the Khitan Liao dynasty (907-1125), and took an active part in this state's politics.
The Orkhon region then became--for a time--a remote outpost of the Khitan Liao empire.