Xerxes I

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Xer·xes I

 (zûrk′sēz) Known as "Xerxes the Great." 519?-465 bc.
King of Persia (486-465) who organized a vast army that defeated the Greeks at Thermopylae and sacked Athens (480). After the defeat of his navy at Salamis (480) and of his army at Plataea (479), he retreated to Persia, where he was later assassinated.

Xerxes I

(Biography) ?519–465 bc, king of Persia (485–465), who led a vast army against Greece. His forces were victorious at Thermopylae but his fleet was defeated at Salamis (480) and his army at Plataea (479)

Xerx•es I

(ˌzɜrk siz)
519?–465 B.C., king of Persia 486?–465 (son of Darius I).
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Noun1.Xerxes I - king of Persia who led a vast army against Greece and won the battle of Thermopylae but was eventually defeated (519-465 BC)