n.1.(Zool.) The water thrush or accentor.
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It features the hexagonal grille design, wrap-around headlamps and taillamps, sculpted hood creases, deep side character line, rising wedge shape from front to rear, truncated decklid with a kickup on the trailing edge.
Some people even think all a depressed person needs is a kickup the bum.
A new wraparound stamped reinforcement structure at the beltline ties directly into the kickup structure between the front and rear floor pan for improved offset impact management.
Sometimes you've got to take these hard decisions to make space to bring other players in but being on the transfer list could be a kickup the backside for some.
99 book, entitled Kickups, Hiccups, Lockups: The Autobiography, charts the amazing ups and downs of Mickey's on and off the pitch fortunes.
But that's just what he has done, in typically exuberant, no-holds-barred fashion by detailing his life story in a volume of autobiography entitled Kickups, Hiccups, Lockups.