Kid Thomas

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 (kĭd), Thomas
See Thomas Kyd.
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Former St Mirren kid Thomas Reilly will be included if a deal can be agreed in time.
Jo Spencer TOP TREND: Death of meningitis kid Thomas Smith.
Legendary players like George Lewis, Sweet Emma Barrett and Kid Thomas Valentine, all rooted in the formative years jazz, were its original stars.
Tunes by Kid Thomas, George Lewis, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Glenn Miller, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and more.
The band are prolific giggers, persistently trotting through a golden age repertoire that includes tunes by Bunk Johnson, George Lewis and Kid Thomas.
RANGERS kid Thomas Kind Bendiksen was told his career was over because his knee was ravaged by playing on poor artificial pitches with dodgy footwear.
The Englishman, whose side face a tricky away trip to St Johnstone today, has bought potential in the likes of Norwegian kid Thomas Rogne, but he wants others who are ready for battle.
The last kid Thomas fought, Geraint Harvey, is a regular journeyman.
It's an accomplished band playing the style set by Chris Blount; with influences from George Lewis and Kid Thomas, so they tell me.
IT WASN'T the fairytale ending that comeback kid Thomas Bjorn had been hoping for as the steely resolve of the world's number three Ernie Els eventually drove him to victory at stormy Mount Juliet.
Geordie striker Alan Armstrong led the way with a double and Danish kid Thomas Gaardsoe marked only his second senior start with his first goal in English football.
The role will be a major departure from the smart-mouthed, clean-cut kid Thomas played on ``Home Improvement,'' an image that made him a breakout star and a pinup boy for teen-age girls around the nation.