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 (kĭd′əsh, kē-do͞osh′)
n. Judaism
The traditional blessing and prayer recited over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or a festival.

[Mishnaic Hebrew qiddûš, sanctification, from Hebrew qiddēš, to sanctify, derived stem of qādaš, to be holy; see qdš in Semitic roots.]


(ˈkɪdəʃ; Hebrew kɪˈdʊʃ)
1. (Judaism) a special blessing said before a meal on sabbaths and festivals, usually including the blessing for wine or bread
2. (Judaism) a reception usually for the congregants after a service at which drinks and snacks are served and this grace is said
[from Hebrew qiddūsh sanctification]


(ˈkɪd əʃ, kɪˈduʃ)

n. Judaism.
a blessing recited over a cup of wine or over bread on the Sabbath or on a festival.
[< Hebrew qiddūsh literally, sanctification]
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In the light of the seven golden flames, Nana's face looked young and fresh, and their glow erased the deeply graven fines in Baba's brow as he intoned the kiddush.
Several months later, a group of yeshiva students was returning from Friday evening services at Machpelah, singing "v'shavu banim l'gvulam"--"your children shall return to their country"--on their way to Beit Hadassah for kiddush.
We know for a fact that during the Crusades, Jews slaughtered their children, while telling them the famous stories of Kiddush Hashem based on the guiding model of the Akedah.
The creation of sanctity, then, is a result of what we bring to the world--making Kiddush, taking challah, being kind to others, and living in Eretz Yisrael.
Presenting a layering of meaning and sound, these word-plays permeate my experience (and probably Granite's as well) of Genesis, and other familiar texts of prayer including the shabbat kiddush.
Isa 44:1) Similarly, the new language for the Friday night Kiddush (p.
After the Saturday morning service, a Kiddush lunch is offered for the entire congregation and a study session on the Torah portion of the week is taught is Spanish.
Without this sense of Kiddush [Hashem] (Sanctificafion of the Name), Jewish being, but not Jewish living, is possible.
Of course one expects to see the usual religious objects in a Jewish museum, and they are here: Torah scrolls and their accouterments, ark curtains, Shabbat lamps, Kiddush cups, Havdalah sets, shofarot, an etrog box, Pesach plates, ketubot, a circumcision kit, a chair of Elijah, etc.
Oshry, after consulting the relevant precedents (relating to those who were killed for Kiddush Hashem) answers yes: "On the basis of these sources, I instructed the inquirer that there is to be mourning for the martyrs of the Ninth Fort, and kaddish is to be said for them.
The Israeli fighter pilot was also a Jewish space wizard, as he joyfully demonstrated his gravitation-free floating Kiddush cup.
A child who's never felt the sense of adventure of making Kiddush in a Succah will be easily swept away by the drinking and ribaldry of New Year's Eve and the coming Millennium celebration scheduled for Friday night, December 31, 1999, which of course marks the 2000th year since that famous little Jewish boy, born under the star in Bethlehem, was circumcised.