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 (kĭd′əsh, kē-do͞osh′)
n. Judaism
The traditional blessing and prayer recited over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or a festival.

[Mishnaic Hebrew qiddûš, sanctification, from Hebrew qiddēš, to sanctify, derived stem of qādaš, to be holy; see qdš in Semitic roots.]


(ˈkɪdəʃ; Hebrew kɪˈdʊʃ)
1. (Judaism) a special blessing said before a meal on sabbaths and festivals, usually including the blessing for wine or bread
2. (Judaism) a reception usually for the congregants after a service at which drinks and snacks are served and this grace is said
[from Hebrew qiddūsh sanctification]


(ˈkɪd əʃ, kɪˈduʃ)

n. Judaism.
a blessing recited over a cup of wine or over bread on the Sabbath or on a festival.
[< Hebrew qiddūsh literally, sanctification]
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An aspiring composer and son of a Reform rabbi from Worcester, Massachusetts, Klein had taken a traditional Jewish prayer servicecomplete with candle blessing, Kiddush, psalmist meditation and the Sh'maand set it to jazz tunes, from snappy to bluesy to bossa nova and even modal.
followed by a Kiddush Collation at approximately 11:30 a.
There is a Kiddush afterwards in a spacious, art-filled community center nearby.
With kippot on their heads, Zayde holds a siddur and Abba a Kiddush cup.
It was a nice Kiddush Hashem [a sanctification of God's name].
After saying the Kiddush, the Shehecheyanu is then recited for the special occasion of Rosh Hashanah.
Vivid, brightly colored illustrations decorate the pages of this special Shabbat preparation, while Kayla and Kugel spread out the bright white table cloth, shimmery glittery candlesticks, tasty toasty twisted challahs, and even a jeweled Kiddush cup.
And American taxpayers would go through the roof and under the tunnels of Hamas Gaza if they had a clue where their taxes were going, while Arab oil-exporting countries contribute less than the cost of a shul Kiddush.
May 31 followed by a Kiddush luncheon and a workshop on "Songs and Stories of the Sephardic Oral Tradition.
with kiddush and dairy buffet of homemade cheesecake and more.