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 (kĭd′əsh, kē-do͞osh′)
n. Judaism
The traditional blessing and prayer recited over wine on the eve of the Sabbath or a festival.

[Mishnaic Hebrew qiddûš, sanctification, from Hebrew qiddēš, to sanctify, derived stem of qādaš, to be holy; see qdš in Semitic roots.]


(ˈkɪdəʃ; Hebrew kɪˈdʊʃ)
1. (Judaism) a special blessing said before a meal on sabbaths and festivals, usually including the blessing for wine or bread
2. (Judaism) a reception usually for the congregants after a service at which drinks and snacks are served and this grace is said
[from Hebrew qiddūsh sanctification]


(ˈkɪd əʃ, kɪˈduʃ)

n. Judaism.
a blessing recited over a cup of wine or over bread on the Sabbath or on a festival.
[< Hebrew qiddūsh literally, sanctification]
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The Jewish Federation is grateful to its Kiddush Cup sponsors.
Down a spotless hallway is a conference room where glass cabinets display assorted Judaica--a Kiddush cup, a tallit, a small Torah--evoking the quiet ambience of an upscale temple gift shop.
Two candle sticks, a Kiddush cup, two challahs and a challah knife provide kids with everything they need to share in the Shabbat traditions.
The company introduced the kiddush cup at the spring tabletop market, which was received well, said Bob Borden, vice president of design and the creative director at Nambe.
I pass out my big collection of hagaddahs for people to look at and put out my three seder plates and everyone has their own kiddush cup.
claims that the items' owners were unidentifiable, individuals came forward with evidence that the auctioned items belonged to them, including a former Rabbi of Budapest who retrieved a Kiddush cup he once owned.
The design motifs all relate to Jewish traditions, and include the kiddush cup, the wedding cup, a seder plate, a matzo plate, the challah tray, the sabbath candlestick and the challah knife handle.
The Israeli fighter pilot was also a Jewish space wizard, as he joyfully demonstrated his gravitation-free floating Kiddush cup.
2) Multicolored ceramic kiddush cup by artist Sara Mann.
Among the items in the shops are Hanukkah-themed kitchen textiles such as towels and oven mitts, Lenox Judaic giftware including menorah, dreidel, kiddush cup, mezuzah, challah knife and challah tray, Hanukkah gourmet food baskets and candies and menorahs in various sizes and styles.
We're not a people who erase words like fingerprints on a kiddush cup but mount them on our door posts and on our gates.
A small menorah sits unobtrusively to the side, next to a black yarmulke tucked neatly into a kiddush cup.