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The 39 ocean-facing bedrooms have a clean, contemporary look brightened by floral cushions and kikoy bed runners.
Just remember the occasions, including that first date, when we change our outfits several times to get the right touch, a blend of impressing, showing we have healthy esteem, comfortable enough to be a bit kikay or kikoy (flirtatious), and yet showing respect for the person we are meeting.
Mike Kocan of Karibu Kikoy states: "While Karibu Kikoy is focused on providing safe births for mothers and their babies, Babiators' top priority is protecting the health of children's eyes.
It is the story of kikoy, kanga and kente cloths, and the story held in the meaning of our indigenous names: Chinualumogo means "May God fight on my behalf'; Kofi means "Friday born male child"; wa means "the son of.