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(Placename) a pass in central Scotland, in the Grampians: scene of a battle (1689) in which the Jacobites defeated William III's forces but lost their leader, Viscount Dundee


(ˌkɪl iˈkræŋ ki)

a mountain pass in central Scotland, in the Grampians.
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Claverhouse was killed by an enemy bullet in his hour of victory while fighting for the exiled Stuart King James VII and II against the armies of King William III, at the Battle of Killiecrankie, in 1689.
Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Keith Brown said: Having recently published draft Orders for the Killiecrankie to Glen Garry project, we are now able to publish the draft Orders for the over 4 mile stretch between the popular tourist towns of Pitlochry and Killiecrankie.
I would also recommend a visit to Killiecrankie visitor centre just 10 minutes up the road.
Whether it's a zip wire flying through the landscaped gardens or bungee jumping head first off Killiecrankie bridge - there's an extensive range of outdoor activities available.
Hill Cheviot 150p Eweslees, 148p Burnside, 145p Sorbietrees and Killiecrankie, 143p Burnside.
He says to drop anchor at Deal and Flinders Islands or Killiecrankie Bay is special, as is Adventure Bay, where Captain Cook and Captain Bligh stopped and sheltered after crossing the Southern Ocean.
Scotland has visitor centres at Killiecrankie and Culloden.
Likewise, Simon is eulogized in terms that underscore the dignity, not to say snob appeal, of his lineage, the narrator evoking ancestors "who had fallen in many lands and for many causes, as the eccentricities of British Foreign Policy and their own wandering natures had directed them; at Acre and Agincourt and Killiecrankie, in Egypt and America" (90).
Undoubtedly, his love of the sea stemmed from his childhood years at Killiecrankie Bay on Flinders Island, where he would while away his time mucking about in boats, snaring wallabies, and cooking warreners, periwinkles and crays in a kero tin on the beach.
Above the dam was another frozen loch and trail markers pointing through the woods toward Loch Faskally and the hamlet of Killiecrankie.
The car had careered off the B8079 near Killiecrankie, in Perthshire, and landed on nearby rail tracks and become stuck in the early hours of Sunday morning.