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See Mbundu.


(ˈbʊn du, əmˈbʊn-)

n., pl. -dus, (esp. collectively) -du.
a. a member of an African people or group of peoples of N Angola.
b. the Bantu language of the Mbundu.
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The Angolan businesswoman has opened her hypermarket chain with the brand-name of Candando, which represents embrace in the Kimbundu language.
Soyo Zaire Recognised Kikongo, Chokwe, Umbundu, national languages Kimbundu, Ganguela, Kwanyama Ethnic Groups Ovimbundu 36% (2000) Ambundu 25% Bakongo 13% other African 22% Mestizo 2% Chinese 1% European 1% Demonym Angolan Government Unitary Presidential Republic President Jose Eduardo dos Santos Vice President Manuel Vicente Legislature National Assembly Independence From Portugal, on 11th November 1975 Size of the country Land Mass 1,246,700 [km.
An official catechist, a slave, say, who spoke Kimbundu, the language of Luanda, would address the slaves on the nature of their Christian transformation.
Chama-se de kimbundu, ou lingua de Angola, por ser a lingua geral do antigo reino de Ngola e a primeira a ser estudada e traduzida pelos europeus.
One thinks of the Palm-Wine Drunkard by Nigerian novelist Jose Luandino Vieira, whose works use interlingua resulting from the fusion of Portuguese, English, French, and Kimbundu.
Ethnic groups: Ovimbundu 37%, Kimbundu 25%, Bakongo 13%, mixed racial 2%, European 1%.
O Desejo de Kianda (1995) charts the collapse of the national project and the decline of the alliance between the Creoles and the interior in its depiction of the failing marriage of Joao Evangelista, the son of an Ovimbundu father from Huambo and a Kimbundu mother from Luanda, and his wife, a Luanda Creole social climber named Carmina Cara de Cu, who remakes herself as an ardent capitalist and consumer after her beloved MPLA renounces socialism.
Ultimately, these movements--Frente Nacional de Libertacao de Angola (FNLA), MPLA and UNITA--represented almost exclusively the Kikongo, Kimbundu and Ovimbundu ethnic groups respectively.
We are introducing the use of school uniforms, subsidised by the government and feel very special for being chosen to launch the Meu Kamba ('My Friend' in Kimbundu language), a national programme to supply computers to primary schools.
Description: Integrated Health Social Marketing branded locally as Ouakula, which is a Kimbundu word meaning to grow represents how the project aims growth in a number of areas: a growing market for health products; growing partnerships and collaboration among civil society, the private sector and the Angolan government; and, most importantly, the growing health of Angolan families.
I am the one pushed aside, because I do not follow the blood of my Kimbundu mother, or the blood of my Umbundu father .
They arrived in America speaking Bambara, Ewe, Fon, Fante, Fulani, Hausa, Kongo, Kimbundu, Vai, and Mende, among other languages.