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A whip, traditionally made of hippopotamus hide and used for punishment in parts of the Middle East, especially in Egypt from Pharaonic times until the early 1900s and in the Ottoman Empire.
tr.v. kur·bashed, kur·bash·ing, kur·bash·es
To punish with a kurbash.

[Ultimately (partly via French courbache) from Arabic kurbāj, from Turkish kırbaç, whip, probably alteration (perhaps in imitation of a cracking whip) of earlier *kırmaç; akin to Azerbaijani kırmaç, gırmanç : perhaps kır-, stem of kırmak, to break, break down (resistance), Old Turkic qırmaq, to cut, break + -maç, n. suff.; akin to Old Turkic -maç.]


(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) a hide whip, used as an instrument of punishment
vb (tr)
(Arms & Armour (excluding Firearms)) to whip (someone) with a kurbash
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