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 (kēr′ə-bä′tē, kîr′ə-băs′)
An island country of the west-central Pacific Ocean near the equator. It includes the former Gilbert Islands, Banaba (Ocean Island), and the Phoenix and Line islands. Settled by Austronesian peoples before the 1st century ad, the islands, together with the Ellice Islands, became a British protectorate (1892-1916) and subsequently a crown colony under the name the Gilbert and Ellice Island Colony. The Ellice Islands gained independence (1978) as Tuvalu and the remaining islands (1979) as Kiribati. Tarawa is the capital.


(ˌkɪrɪˈbæs; ˌkɪrɪˈbætɪ)
(Placename) an independent republic in the W Pacific: comprises 33 islands including Banaba (Ocean Island), the Gilbert and Phoenix Islands, and eight of the Line Islands; part of the British colony of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands until 1975; became self-governing in 1977 and gained full independence in 1979 as the Republic of Kiribati; a member of the Commonwealth. Official languages: English, I-Kiribati (Gilbertese) is widely spoken. Religion: Christian majority. Currency: Australian dollar. Capital: Bairiki islet, in Tarawa atoll. Pop: 103 248 (2013 est). Area: 684 sq km (264 sq miles)


(ˌkɪər iˈbɑ ti, ˈkɪər əˌbæs)

a republic in the central Pacific Ocean, on the equator, comprising 33 islands. 85,501; 275 sq. mi. (717 sq. km). Cap.: Tarawa. Formerly, Gilbert Islands.
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Noun1.Kiribati - an island republic in the west central Pacific just to the south of the equatorKiribati - an island republic in the west central Pacific just to the south of the equator
Federated States of Micronesia, Micronesia, TT - a country scattered over Micronesia with a constitutional government in free association with the United States; achieved independence in 1986
Gilbert Islands - a group of islands in Micronesia to the southwest of Hawaii; formerly part of the British colony of Gilbert and Ellice Islands until it became part of the Republic of Kiribati in 1979
Bairiki, Tarawa - national capital of Kiribati
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Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today announced that three New Zealand Transport Accident Investigators will assist with the investigation into the sinking of the MV Butiraoi in Kiribati.
Washington: The IMF Executive Board concluded the Article IV consultation with Kiribati, and considered and endorsed the staff appraisal without a meeting on a lapse-of-time basis.
The 60ft wooden catamaran was expected to reach South Tarawa, the capital of Kiribati, from Nonouti Island, 150 miles away, in two days.
Summary: South Tarawa [Kirbati], Jan 28 (ANI): Seven survivors, including an unconscious baby, aboard a dinghy have been found by rescuers while searching for a ferry carrying 50 people that went missing in the waters off Kiribati.
As glaciers melt, the seas are slowly rising, and parts of Kiribati may be underwater in the years to come.
These changes will disproportionately impact small island and atoll states like Kiribati and the Maldives.
That was the first gold medal in any global sporting event for his island nation of Kiribati.
Qatar and Kiribati have signed a joint statement to establish diplomatic relations between the two countries.
This is a historic day for the region, as it is indeed for your family, community and the people of Kiribati.
The United States and Kiribati signed a treaty of friendship in 1979 following Kiribati's independence from the United Kingdom, and they established diplomatic relations in 1980.
On Wednesday, one of the most comprehensive reports so far on climate change-induced migration from three Pacific island nations -- Kiribati, Tuvalu and Nauru -- was released during the ongoing talks in Paris.
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