Kiska Island

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Kis·ka Island

An island of southwest Alaska in the Rat Islands of the western Aleutians. In World War II it was occupied by Japan between 1942 and 1943.
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The objectives of our paper are to: (1) characterize the gaseous emissions from Kiska Island, and (2) report the avian mortality observed from 2007 to 2010, especially that likely related to volcanic activity.
Sirius Point, Kiska Island (52[degrees] 08' N, 177[degrees] 36' E; Fig.
The SM-30 deep sea search sonar was built in the Seattle area and has been involved in several other high-profile finds in deep water which include: the submarine USS Grunion, sunk in 1942 and found in 2006 off Kiska Island, Alaska; the Israeli submarine Dakar sunk in 1967 and found in the Mediterranean Sea in 1999; and the SS Central America sunk in 1857 and found in 1986 off of the East Coast of the United States.
The Japanese paused briefly during the evacuation at a pre-arranged signal -- the explosion that signified the destruction of the radar installation -- to pray for the 2638 Japanese that had perished at Attu and the 2500 men that had died on and around Kiska Island during the occupation.
9% per year is similar to the rate of decline observed during the breeding season in the area of greatest decline in Alaska (from Kiska Island to the Kenai Peninsula), where rates of decline varied from approximately 5% (1975-85 and 1990-94) to 16% (1985-90; York et al.
Kiska Island is little more than a steaming, snow-covered 4000-foot volcanic mountain surrounded by a steep succession of hills.
Rumours were rife that the inevitable destination of these Canadian soldiers after Adak was Kiska Island, where 10,000 or more elite and bloodthirsty Japanese soldiers awaited the Allied invasion.
invasion and repatriation of Attu and Kiska Islands in the North Pacific.