Kizil Irmak

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Ki·zil Ir·mak

 (kĭ-zĭl′ îr-mäk′)
A river of north-central Turkey flowing about 1,180 km (735 mi) southwest, west, north, and then northeast to the Black Sea.

Kizil Irmak

(kɪˈzɪl ɪəˈmɑːk)
(Placename) a river in Turkey, rising in the Kizil Dag and flowing southwest, northwest, and northeast to the Black Sea: the longest river in Asia Minor. Length: about 1150 km (715 miles). Ancient name: Halys

Ki•zil Ir•mak

(kɪˈzɪl ɪərˈmɑk)
a river flowing N through central Turkey to the Black Sea. 600 mi. (965 km) long.
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The Canik Mountains in Turkey are the middle chain of the Pontic Mountains between the Kizil Irmak and Melet rivers.
A central concern here is Kaman-Kalehoyuk, a site just within the bend of the Kizil Irmak southeast of Ankara.