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n. pl. klez·mo·rim (klĕz′mə-rēm′)
1. The traditional music of the Jews of eastern Europe, played by small traveling bands.
2. A musician in such a band.

[Yiddish, from Mishnaic Hebrew kəlê zemer, musical instruments : kəlê, pl. bound form of kəlî, instrument; see kll in Semitic roots + zemer, music, song; see zmr in Semitic roots.]


1. (Music, other) a Jewish folk musician, usually a member of a small band
2. (Music, other) Also called: klezmer music the music performed by such a band


(ˈklɛz mər)

n., pl. klez•mers, klez•mo•rim (ˌklɛz məˈrim)
1. a Jewish folk musician traditionally performing in a small band.
2. the music performed by klezmers.
[1960–65; < Yiddish]
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What Mirga's eloquent arms, which seem to encompass the whole orchestra, achieved here was an amazing welding-together of the score's sprawling, disparate elements, unafraid to look forward to the gashing expressionism of Mahler's great disciple Alban Berg (and not only in the slow movement's Kletzmer interlude) whilst at the same time dwelling on a young man's ardour.
He was a pupil of Shostakovich, and the master completed the almost-finished one act, which tells the tale of the coffinmaker who plays the violin in the local kletzmer band (weddings and funerals).
A brief text follows, accompanied by a restrained and unobtrusive musical score consisting of a short sequence of notes in a Kletzmer key.
Simon agrees to wed Rosalie (Elsa Zylberstein), an orthodox Kletzmer singer and virgin.