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 (klā′və) also Cleves (klēvz)
A city of west-central Germany west-southwest of Münster. It was the seat of a historical duchy and passed subsequently to Brandenburg, Prussia, France, and Prussia again.
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cleaning of buildings (maintenance and basic cleaning) for about 40 buildings in the city of kleve (administrative buildings, Schools, Kindergartens, Museums, Libraries, Public toilets, Etc.
This is an intimate look inside the life of Psychic Medium Seth Michael, including personal interviews with friends: Animal Communicator Karen Anderson and Psychic Mediums Teresa Kleve, June Lundgren and others.
Ten years later, with both Kleve and Swaters dead, other claims of ownership appeared in Ohio and Switzerland.
Medline International Germany broke ground for the construction a new warehouse in Kleve, Germany.
Howard Hively then sold the Ferrari to Ohio resident and nuclear physicist, Karl Kleve.
FITCHBURG - Dozens of members of a jazz band from Fitchburg's sister city of Kleve, Germany, were given citations of appreciation yesterday.
a leading global manufacturer of building-integrated and rooftop photovoltaics under its UNI-SOLAR(R) brand -- and a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices (Nasdaq:ENER) -- announced that its innovative PowerTilt(TM) solar roof system was recently installed at Hagebaumarkt, a German DIY retail franchise located in Kleve.
The impact of the economic turndown has been most evident in the first quarter of this year, said Judy Kleve, vice president of older adult services in the Brooklyn, N.
But if the people of Gaza City think they are special by having this honour bestowed upon them by the people of Worcester, they need to think again - Worcester is already partnered up with Kleve in Germany, Rheims in France and its namesake, Worcester in Massachusetts.
Any further discussion of the issue now rests with members of the twinning committee who have already fostered successful links with Kleve, in Germany, Le Vesinet, France and more recently Worcester, Massachusetts, in the United States.
The integration of National Starch into the Dusseldorf-based group will be accompanied by the closure of the Kleve plant, two in France and one in the UK.
The pair were sitting on a bench in Kleve Walk, Worcester, at around 8pm on Monday, January 7 when they were threatened by two youths.