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Variant of kunefe.
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The menu is built around two quintessential Syrian street foods: freshly baked mana'eesh flatbread topped with a variety of ingredients, from sujuk (spiced ground beef) to crumbled halloumi cheese with braised, lemony spinach, and knafeh, a warm sweet dish of gooey cheese and phyllo strands, scented with rose water and soaked in syrup.
Throughout the week, hundreds of people visited the horse racing track to meander among the some 120 vendors' stalls serving popcorn, knafeh, handicrafts and other goods.
We appreciate that people will be preparing large dishes of hummous, labneh, knafeh, firni and biryani for their families to enjoy," said Ulugbek Yuldashev, managing director of Awok.
The closing chapter of Mardam Bey's Ziryab's Cuisine is a primer for cooking enthusiasts in which he portrays historical characters, such as Ibrahim ibn al-Mahdi, a 9th century gastronome who wrote the first Arabic-language cookbook, or the history of knafeh , which was probably not the same thing in the 19th century as it is today, although no less delicious.
But real food connoisseurs will also tell you where to find Israel's best knafeh, an exquisite cheese-filled pastry.
Raji explains the demand: "It is no secret that Middle Eastern cuisine has a host of sweet protagonists: baklava, fattayeh, knafeh, umm ali, stuffed dates, and awamat to name a few.
Protesters dispersed, many ending up in a nearby knafeh store (knafeh is a Palestinian sweet found at weddings and other celebrations).
Indigenous food items have been put on display, like mansaf, knafeh, baklawa, basbousa, and many more Arabian dishes.
Knafeh, for instance, are cheese pastries soaked in lemon sugar syrup and served on special occasions.
There was someone also standing outside who was served his plate of knafeh before us.
More than 100,000 Palestinians thronged Nablus city centre for a slice of Knafeh -- a cake sprinkled with pistachio and made of semolina, white cheese and a sugary syrup sprinkled with rose water.
Summary: Knafeh and ashta but also mulberry, passion fruit, strawberry, and apple are among the ice cream flavors high-end chocolate concept store Muse, located in Downtown Beirut's Wadi Hills, has introduced as part of its new ice cream line launched this week.