Knight of industry

See Chevalier d'industrie, under Chevalier.

See also: Knight

References in classic literature ?
I had the honour of making your acquaintance--of presenting my letter; I am a Knight of Industry, at your service, madame, but my polished manners had won me so much of success, as a master of languages, among your compatriots who are as stiff as their own starch is to one another, but are ready to relax to a foreign gentleman of polished manners-- and of observing one or two little things,' he glanced around the room and smiled, 'about this honourable house, to know which was necessary to assure me, and to convince me that I had the distinguished pleasure of making the acquaintance of the lady I sought.
Blandois/Rigaud may well be a knight of industry of the worst sort, but so too are the shakers and movers of society who, when not toadying or being toadied to by the Circumlocution Office, shaped the future of the country in the drawing-rooms of the corrupt and made vast fortunes in the speculative frenzy which gripped the 1850s as influence shifted from "traditional structures of wealth based on the massive fixities of landed property to the ones based on the liquidities of manufacturing, commerce, speculation and credit" (Herbert 2002, 188) and as "manufacturers, merchants, factors, bankers, people on fixed incomes, retired half-pay officers, governesses, widows, trustees of orphans' funds, shopkeepers, aristocrats and gentry, all rushed .
But his words hold out the possibility that Doyce's mechanical wit has squared the industry-nobility circle--that he may even have become a true knight of industry, or at any rate a French chevalier, a title which reminds us of the French origin of the English sobriquet (OED "knight", 12.
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