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(ˌkəʊɪˈnʊə) ,




(Jewellery) a very large oval Indian diamond, part of the British crown jewels since 1849, weighing 108.8 carats
[C19: from Persian Kōh-i-nūr, literally: mountain of light, from kōh mountain + Arabic nūr light]
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Currently, the Kohinoor diamond is set on the Maltese cross on the Queen Mother's purple velvet crown on display at the Tower of London.
KOHINOOR DIAMOND let down her supporters last time but should be given chance to redeem herself in the Betway Stayers' Handicap at Southwell.
KOHINOOR Diamond let down her supporters last time but should be given the chance to redeem herself in the Betway Stayer's Handicap at Southwell.
THE NARENDRA Modi government on Friday told the Supreme Court that it is exploring diplomatic channels to bring back the $ 200 million ( ` 1,293 crore) worth Kohinoor diamond back from the United Kingdom.
The British claim over the Kohinoor diamond is outrageous.
India's Solicitor-General, Ranjit Kumar, recently declared that India would not seek the return of the Kohinoor diamond -- one of the world's oldest and most valuable -- from the British, to whom India had "gifted" it.
LAHORE -- The provincial government on Tuesday informed Lahore High Court (LHC) that the Kohinoor diamond was handed over to the British East India Company by Maharaja Ranjit Singh under a deal.
LAHORE -- The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Monday sought assistance from the prosecutors of federal government regarding maintainability of petition about returning of Kohinoor diamond from Queen of Britain.
The Le Vian family have been purveyors of fine jewellery since the 15th century when Nadir Shah of Persia conquered India and brought back the fabled Kohinoor diamond and gave the responsibility of guarding it and other precious stones to the Le Vian family.
So what if the Kohinoor diamond - once considered the ultimate symbol of Indian wealth and power - now resides with the Queen of England?
THE British Government steadfastly refused to hand over the priceless Kohinoor diamond to Pakistan, whether or not they thought they were legally entitled to keep it.