Kola Peninsula

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Ko·la Peninsula

A peninsula of northwest Russia projecting eastward from Scandinavia between the White Sea and the Barents Sea.

Kola Peninsula

(Placename) a peninsula in NW Russia, between the Barents and White Seas: forms most of the Murmansk region. Area: about 130 000 sq km (50 000 sq miles)

Ko′la Penin′sula

(ˈkoʊ lə)
a peninsula in the NW Russian Federation in Europe, between the White and Barents seas.
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Noun1.Kola Peninsula - a peninsula in northwestern Russia projecting eastward between the Barents Sea and the White Sea
Russian Federation, Russia - a federation in northeastern Europe and northern Asia; formerly Soviet Russia; since 1991 an independent state
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In the second and third parts, we show how the geographical space of the Kola Peninsula is represented in the Kildin Saami language, thus providing for the linguistic image.
Across the 20th century, both visions radically transformed the Kola Peninsula.
A prime week at the Atlantic Salmon Reserve on Russia's Kola Peninsula costs close to $20,000.
Two large-scale environmental projects are running in Kola Peninsula.
Among specific topics are images of the northern and "Arctic" in tourism and regional literature, tourist hegemonies of outside powers: the case of salmon fishing safari camps in territories of traditional land use on the Kola Peninsula, destination development in the middle of the Sapmi: whose voice is heard and how, indigenous hospitality and tourism: past trajectories and new beginnings, and Sami tourism in northern Norway: indigenous spirituality and processes of cultural branding.
The vessels, rusted and ill-kept, lay in berth in Murmansk, on the Kola Peninsula, with pockmark ed hulls just barely holding in their radioactive contents.
On June 27, the first shipment of containers with highly radioactive spent fuel elements will leave Andreeva Bay on the Kola Peninsula.
But to grasp the full military import of this place, the Kola Peninsula - Russia's northwestern-most territory - you would have to look down on it with thermal imaging from high above.
Because the autumn season wasn't wonderful this year, there is every possibility that many anglers will be thinking of giving up their beats, especially timeshare ones which can be sub-let for a year while owners visit exotic, expensive venues like Russia's Kola peninsula, Alaska, Iceland, or as far away as South America.
In addition, two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers took off from the Olenya air force base in the Kola peninsula and after covering over 9 500 km and refueling mid-air, deployed missiles targeting terrrorist positions in Syria over the Mediterranean Sea.
A pair of Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers Friday flew from a base on the Kola Peninsula over the Norwegian Sea, the North Atlantic and the Strait of Gibraltar and into the Mediterranean to launch long-range cruise missiles on targets in Syria, demonstrating the Russian military's global reach.