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Noun1.Kolami - the Dravidian language spoken by the Kolam in central India
Central Dravidian - a Dravidian language spoken primarily in central India
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There is alternation between ki(i)- and gi(i)- amongst different Dravidian languages: Tamil, Toda and Malayalam (where echo words are a marginal phenomenon) use the former, whilst Telugu, Kannada, Kolami and Tulu are among those using the latter sequence.
During 1935-38 he visited India and did extensive fieldwork on the language and culture of several nonliterary Dravidian languages of South and Central India, mostly Toda and Kota and for a shorter period Badaga in the Nilgiri hills, Kodagu in Karnataka, and Kolami in Central India.
Krishnamurti suggests the conditional clitic =te in Kolami (337) comes directly from the Telugu conditional suffix -te, suggesting Kolami speakers somehow parsed a bound verb suffix and reanalyzed it as a postclitic particle; Steever (1993: 125ff.