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Noun1.Kolkwitzia - Chinese genus of 1 species: beauty bush
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
beauty bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis - Chinese deciduous shrub with yellow-throated pinkish flowers and bristly fruit; often cultivated as an ornamental
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It's wise to prune vigorous latespring and earlyflowering shrubs - such as mock orange (philadelphus), weigela, kerria and kolkwitzia - otherwise they'll quickly become straggly and untidy.
Sax y Kribs (1930) mencionan que algunas de las especies de Abelia y Kolkwitzia que no concuerdan con el numero cromosomico basico, por poseer 16 cromosomas gameticos, pueden ser interpretados como tetraploides que han perdido dos pares de cromosomas.
Prune mature, deciduous shrubs including philadelphus, deutzia and kolkwitzia, once they have finished flowering.
KOLKWITZIA is not commonly known as the beauty bush for nothing.
Prune spring-flowering shrubs such as philadelphus, weigela and kolkwitzia.
kolkwitzia, physocarpus, spireas, viburnums, ilex and lilacs.
ADD a splash of early summer colour to your garden with this week's sensational offer a Kolkwitzia Pink Cloud (Beauty Bush) for just pounds 3.
Q I have some philadelphus, weigelia and kolkwitzia shrubs that are getting too big.
He also continued the work that made him famous--introducing astonishing new plants from the Far East--conquests that had so far included Acer griseum, the paperbark maple, and Kolkwitzia amabilis, the beautybush.
Q I'VE had a Beauty Bush, Kolkwitzia amabilis for five years.
Como grupo externo funcional se utilizo a Kolkwitzia amabilis, la cual se considera estrechamente relacionada con Abelia (Weberling, 1966).
In the garden prune shrubs that have finished flowering such as deutzia, weigela, philadelphus and kolkwitzia.