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(ˈkup mənz)

Tjal•ling Charles (ˈtʃɑ lɪŋ) 1910–85, U.S. economist, born in the Netherlands: Nobel prize 1975.
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Noun1.Koopmans - United States economist (born in the Netherlands) (1910-1985)
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Rick Snyder today announced the appointments of Karsten Bekemeir of East Lansing and Todd Koopmans of Fremont to the Developmental Disabilities Council.
Essa edicao foi estudada e reeditada por Jelle Koopmans e Paul Verhuyck (1987), que explicam a sobreposicao dos dois poemas nao como um acidente editorial, mas como uma montagem intertextual efetivamente representada na epoca.
It stopped being about music and became almost completely about crime and violence," said Folkert Koopmans, chief executive of FKP Scorpio, the German owner of BrAaAaAeANvall
Koopmans accomplished much as a pastor, both in spiritual as well as temporal matters.
The board's audit committee comprises of Anne Brunila (chairman), Nils Ittonen, Denise Koopmans and Robin Langenskiold.
Vijgen SM, Koopmans CM, Opmeer BC, Groen H, Bijlenga D, Aarnoudse JG, et al.
has appointed Menno Koopmans to the role of Senior Vice President and Managing Director for EMEA from January 1, 2017.
Festival organiser Folkert Koopmans said the group had been "stoked" to play their first European gig on Friday night.
Not long after, the Koopmans opened a third outlet specializing in hardware and lumber in Grafton.
ByteMobile Insight provides operators with a comprehensive view of mobile data usage on their networks and enables them to create new revenue streams, improve marketing effectiveness and increase subscriber loyalty," said Chris Koopmans, vice president and general manager, service provider platforms at Citrix.
com)-- The Zeelander team is delighted to announce that Sietse Koopmans, the CEO and Owner of Zeelander Yachts, has been awarded the conveted Voyager's Award at last nights World Superyacht Awards ceremony in Amsterdam.
In order to relate the Debreu-Farrell measures to the Koopmans definition of efficiency, and to relate both to the structure of production technology, it is useful to introduce some notation and terminology (Fried et al.

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