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also kash·ruth  (käsh′rəth, -rəs, käsh-ro͞ot′)
1. The state of being kosher.
2. The body of Jewish dietary law.

[Mishnaic Hebrew kašrût, from kāšēr, fitting; see kosher.]
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But he said if the stem cells are real meat, they have to come from a cow slaughtered according to kosher law, which says the animal's throat must be slit while it is still conscious.
24 the high court announced that it will not hear an appeal of a lower court's decision that New York's kosher law is unconstitutional.
Our Passover chickens and turkeys meet our strict Quality Standards and are dual kosher certified to ensure that shoppers are getting the highest-quality, most flavorful bird, processed in accordance with kosher law," said Theo Weening, global meat buyer for Whole Foods Market.
District Judge Nina Gershon struck down the state's Division of Kosher Law Enforcement.
The chickens are raised to exacting standards, slaughtered according to kosher law and then frozen.
The KORC hechsher will be printed on all applicable Azuma Foods and “azumagourmet” brand packaging moving forward so that consumers know they are buying food that meets the highest levels of Kosher law.
The extreme measures are designed to ensure compliance with strict Passover mandates, which heap extra restrictions on top of normal kosher law.
Elected officials, leading rabbis and veterinary scientists who subsequently visited AgriProcessors' plant confirmed that its practices conformed to federal law, kosher law and animal welfare standards.
Unfortunately, many people associate Jewish observance with a lack of eating -- fasting on Yom Kippur, the restricted diet of Passover, and the foods forbidden by kosher law.
Judge Ackerman's decision is an important vindication of the right of rabbis to enunciate important religious principles to help the agunah, or to correct other religious wrongs, such as kosher law violations," declared Marc Stern, co-Director of the AJCongress Commission on Law and Social Action, who handled the case.
Jewish people have observed Kosher law for over 3,000 years.