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Consisting of, prepared with, or relating to meat or meat products.

[Yiddish fleyshik, from fleysh, meat, from Middle High German vleisch, from Old High German fleisc, flesh.]


(ˈfleɪ ʃɪg, -ʃɪk)

adj. Judaism.
(in the dietary laws) consisting of, made from, or used only for meat or meat products. Compare milchig, pareve.
[1940–45; < Yiddish fleyshik; see flesh, -y1]
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Nationally, sales of kosher foods are expected to top $5.
As we move from a family-owned business to one that is capable of meeting the meteoric growth in demand for kosher foods, it has become obvious that many of the procedures that were in place from the old ownership were outdated.
For generations, Jewish families have trusted Manischewitz(R) to provide delicious, innovative, quality kosher foods.
Kosher foods are sought after by consumers both inside and outside the Jewish community.
This transaction also positions SunOpta as the dominant kosher foods distributor.
The 135,000 square foot facility is the largest facility in Canada dedicated to the distribution of organic, natural and kosher foods and includes 20,000 square feet of freezer space as well as 12,000 square feet of cooler space.
More and more, mainstream supermarket buyers and managers are realizing that kosher foods are no longer just for Jewish people anymore.
The Company's principal specialty product lines include Hollywood(R) cooking oils, Estee(R) sugar-free products, Kineret(R) kosher foods, Boston Better Snacks(R), and Alba Foods(R).
A nonprofit organization, the Jewish Relief Agency (JRA), buys kosher foods monthly and relies on charitable donations to distribute non-perishable kosher foods to over 2500 people each month.
Kosher foods are appropriate for consumers ranging from those that are lactose intolerant, to vegetarians and the health conscious, to a diverse set of other philosophical beliefs.
In addition to all the traditional shopping aisles, the District Market offers an extensive home-meal replacement section complete with sushi, organic foods, vegetarian and vegan items, and even kosher foods, such as kosher sushi.
Finally, the two most natural things together under one roof," said Joe Plueger, director of Kosher Foods, Kehe Food Distributors Inc.