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 (kro͞o′gə-rănd′, -ränd′)
A one-ounce gold coin of the Republic of South Africa.

[Afrikaans : after Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger (1825-1904), South African politician + rand, rand; see rand1.]


(Currencies) a South African coin used for investment only and containing 1 troy ounce of gold
[C20: from S. J. P. Kruger + rand1]


(ˈkru gəˌrænd, -ˌrɑnd)

(sometimes l.c.) a one-ounce gold coin of the Republic of South Africa, equal to 25 rand.


[ˈkruːgəˌrænd] Nkrugerrand m
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EDITORS: A list of all items currently being auctioned follows) Treasury Unclaimed Property Auction Items Description Auction End Date 10K Gold Herringbone Necklace Dec-18-01 05:38:07 14K Gold Bracelet Dec-18-01 05:48:34 Ladies' Platinum and Diamond Watch Dec-18-01 05:55:09 Assorted Earrings Dec-18-01 06:13:34 Ladies' Fashion Bracelet Dec-18-01 06:26:20 Lot of Assorted Watches Dec-18-01 06:42:20 Ladies' Fashion Rings Dec-18-01 06:50:17 Ladies' Fashion Earrings Dec-18-01 07:19:43 Ladies' Chain and Pendant Dec-18-01 07:26:00 Ladies' Fashion Ring Dec-18-01 07:36:48 Silver Certificates Dec-19-01 04:57:23 Men's Gold Ring Dec-19-01 05:16:54 1999 Silver Eagle Coins Dec-19-01 05:28:59 1984 Krugerrand - 1/10 oz.
On his latest start, Go Tech finished seventh of nine behind Krugerrand at Ayr, but he was held up in last place for much of the race and ran on well in the closing stages on ground that was on the easy side.
These will become part of a global basket of gold coins and bullions that currently include the American Eagle (USA), Panda Coin (China), Maple Leaf Coin (Canada), Krugerrand Coin (South Africa) and others, and will be made available in overseas markets including the UK, the USA and South Africa.
For this entire period, the South African Krugerrand gold coin was the most widely used vehicle for gold holding by American investors.
APMEX also sells all types of Royal Canadian Mint products, including Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium Maple Leaf coins, as well as South African Gold Krugerrand coins.
Mickelson said his grandfather gave him an old Krugerrand that he keeps, along with some 50-cent pieces Mickelson's father gave him, and military coins he has collected over the years.
Convicted Krugerrand smuggler Jackson walked out of Rudgate Prison in 1986, before settling in the sunshine state and starting a communications business.
But lure of the krugerrand meant that cricketers trooped into South Africa, ban or no ban.
html) Austin Statesman that the homeless man's stroke of luck will net him 70 $100 bills and 40 Krugerrand gold coins within the next 48 hours.
Gold Proof International Year of the Child Collection sold for pounds 4,550, a Golden Jubilee Gold Proof set for pounds 3,700, a 1975 Krugerrand & mount for pounds 1,050, a 20 dollar 1904 and mount for pounds 920, a 9ct gold cigarette case for pounds 1,440, a gold ingot pendant for pounds 320, a silver circular tray with scallop border on scroll feet, initialled ''B'' by Adie Brothers, for pounds 700.
Three cherished items of jewellery were taken including a Krugerrand pendant given to the her by her late husband.
My uncle had watched the fortunes of Krugerrand owners get better and better until he thought he could wait no longer and must act.