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(Placename) a city in NE South Africa, in the Witwatersrand, at an altitude of 1720 m (5650 ft): a gold-, manganese-, and uranium-mining centre. Pop: 86 618 (2001)


(ˈkru gərzˌdɔrp)

a city in S Transvaal, in the NE Republic of South Africa, NW of Johannesburg. 91,202.
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The Deputy Minister of Tourism Elizabeth Thabethe acknowledged the role of host employers who offered practical training to the learners of the Hospitality Youth Training Programme, during a three part programme which saw the graduation ceremony of 148 Gauteng learners in Krugersdorp yesterday.
HANNO DIRKSEN (OSPREYS) THE South African, who was born in Krugersdorp, grew up in Tennessee and schooled in Truro has already qualified for Wales on residency but has never had a long enough run injury free to mount a challenge for Test rugby.
Desmond Turn was born on 7 October 1931 in a part of Krugersdorp where blacks used to live--a "black location," called Makoeteng.
Mabasa, now back in private practice in Krugersdorp, chairing the National Convention on Dispensing and a panellist on one of the Medical and Dental Professions Board disciplinary committees, actually agrees.
Maimane was born in Krugersdorp to a Tswana father and a Xhosa mother and grew up in Soweto in a relatively middle-class family.
June Cohen, the pretty little girl standing at 3 Human Street, Krugersdorp, with a tumble of curly hair and a Peter Pan collar, is his muse who was never able to translate a vibrant well-being from South Africa to England with its dishwater skies.
Holotype [male]: SOUTH AFRICA: Gauteng: Ndabushe Wildlife Sanctuary, Kromdraai, Krugersdorp, 26[degrees]02'S 27[degrees]46'E, LR 2383, grass, sweep net, 18.
Hartebeesthoek Radio Astronomy Observatory (HartRAO), 30 km north-west of Krugersdorp, is a national research facility for radio astronomy managed by the NRF.
Unfortunately for Bloemfontein the MINITRACK station was eventually sited at Harteebeesthoek, near Krugersdorp.
A group of seemingly deranged Rotarian cyclists leave Krugersdorp near Johannesburg on Good Friday to start a 9-day, 1610 kilometre tour by bicycle to raise funds for conservation and for HIV/ AIDS awareness campaigns.
Viajo, tenho viajado, nasci em Krugersdorp na Africa do Sul, mas basicamente seria mocambicano, porque meu pai estava trabalhando para o governo de Mocambique naquela altura, estava em viagem diplomatica pela Africa do Sul.