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 (kwē′bə-shĕf′, -shĕv′, ko͞o′ē-bə-shĭf)
See Samara.


(Russian ˈkujbɪʃəf) or


(Placename) the former name (until 1991) of Samara


(ˈsæm ər ə, səˈmɛər ə)

n., pl. -ras.
a usu. one-seeded, winged fruit that does not split open, as of the elm or maple.
[1570–80; < New Latin; Latin samara, samera elm seed]


(səˈmɑr ə)

a port in the SE Russian Federation in Europe, on the Volga. 1,257,000. Formerly (1935–91), Kuibyshev.
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9 million rubles were allocated from the regional reserve fund for the renewal of water wells in Kuibyshev and Salsk regions.
It should be remembered that 40 percent of those Poles who applied to the Polish Consulate in Kuibyshev were Jewish (Norman Davies, God's Playground, II:265); this was out of proportion with the Jewish population in prewar Poland (10 percent).
In conjunction with the agreement, Mechel OAO's Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant has already shipped off the first 12,000-tonne batch to Russian Railways, which will use the rails for construction and reconstruction of North Caucasian and Kuibyshev railroads.
The famous airplane factories near Kuibyshev, which were constructed by prisoners in extreme conditions in compressed time frames, played a significant role in the war with Nazi Germany, supplying the front with a large portion of its Soviet planes.
During the entire day on October 11, shelling of the Kuibyshev district continued," the report reads.
However, the different stories about the numerous characters are also played out elsewhere - in a German camp for Russian prisoners of war, in a Nazi extermination camp, in the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow, in a physics institute in the same city, or in Kuibyshev, where Soviet government organs were evacuated during the war.