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1. Culture; civilization.
2. German culture and civilization as idealized by the exponents of German imperialism during the Hohenzollern and Nazi regimes.

[German, from Latin cultūra, cultivation, care; see culture.]


(often used ironically) German civilization, esp as characterized by authoritarianism and earnestness
[German, from Latin cultūra culture]



n. German.
(in Nazi Germany) German culture, held to be superior and characterized by subordination of the individual to national interests.
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The total product of human creativity and intellect:
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These were the native guides impressed into the service of Kultur and upon their poor, bruised bodies Kultur's brand was revealed in divers cruel wounds and bruises.
Smirnoff Sound Collective and Audio Kultur have teamed up to create the #Recognize campaign following on from International Women's Day.
com)-- Kultur Films has released Leonard Bernstein's Young People's Concerts with the New York Philharmonic Volume 2 November 19, 2013.
by Kultur (just in time for The Rite of Spring's centennial), chronicles Maldoom's dogged work with students from Berlin public schools and the individual journeys of those youngsters, many of whom come from disadvantaged backgrounds or troubled family situations.
svd) SvD Kultur reported that the show was attended by roughly 14,300 fans, many of whom waited outside the venue all day for a glimpse of Bieber.
Mit seiner Zurcher Dissertation nimmt Philipp Gut fur sich in Anspruch, die erste umfassende Darstellung zur Frage der deutschen Kultur im Werk Thomas Manns vorgelegt zu haben.
Cogu yenidogan sepsisinde 24-36 saat icinde kultur pozitifligi beklenir.
Bunlardan geleneksel olanlari; sabouraud dekstroz agarda kultur ve KOH ile direk mikroskobik incelemedir (4).
eine Kultur gegeben hat, die sich deutlich von der brahmanischen oder vedischen Kultur unterschied, die aber ebensogroszen Einflusz auf die 'klassische' indische Kultur ausubte wie jene.
The event, jointly organized by the Foundation of Culture and Arts in Antalya (Antalya Kultur Sanat Vakfi, AKSAV) and the Foundation of Turkish Cinema and Audiovisual Culture (Tiirldye Sinema ve Audiovisuel Kultur Vakfi, TURSAK), will also host the third edition of the International Eurasia Film Festival--which started out as the international section of Antalya but has fast become a major attraction for filmmakers from all over the world.
Now, thanks to the Kultur label and these five fascinating new DVD releases, audiences around the world can share in a repertoire that has existed either on the periphery or that has been unperformed for many decades.
In a group of fifteen videos displayed on mini-televisions and collectively titled Angeboriger einer fremden Kultur (Member of a Foreign Culture), 2002, Herold sports a variety of outfits and hairstyles while playing sign-language interpreters.