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1. The struggle (1871-1883) between the Roman Catholic Church and the German government under Bismarck for control over school and ecclesiastical appointments and civil marriage.
2. A conflict between secular and religious authorities: "The 1920s proved to be the focal decade in the Kulturkampf of American Protestantism" (Richard Hofstadter).

[German : Kultur, Kultur; see Kultur + Kampf, struggle (from Middle High German, from Old High German kamph, from Germanic *kampaz, field of battle, from Latin campus, field; see campus).]


(kʊlˈtʊəˌkæmpf; ˈkʊltə-)
(Historical Terms) the struggle of the Prussian state against the Roman Catholic Church (1872–87), which took the form of laws designed to bring education, marriage, etc, under the control of the state
[German: culture struggle]


(Ger. kʊlˈturˌkɑmpf)

the conflict between the German imperial government and the Roman Catholic Church from 1872 or 1873 until 1886, chiefly over the control of education and ecclesiastical appointments.
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Whether surreptitiously conducting its vampiric raids on Rome, its Crusades against Islam, or its cultural wars--from Luther's attack on the Renaissance to Bismarck's Kulturkampf on behalf of the Reich--it is indeed a war-machine masked by its professions of peace.
8232;AfD and the FDP are between them on 25 per cent with competing kulturkampf platforms, with the Bavarian Social Christians shifting in their direction to cover the Right flank.
Both sides in our Kulturkampf would have to agree that the federal government will no longer be used as an instrument to compel life in different states to be the same.
Another factor: The Kulturkampf between ideological secularism and Orthodoxy has always been an intensely emotional feature of Israeli politics.
4) The book originally appeared in Germany a year after the launch of Bismarck's Kulturkampf, and it remained in print for more than half a century.
He discusses the Center, the Kulturkampf, and the colonies; Chinese, Cuban, and Samoan resistance: the loom, 1897-1903; and African resistance: the wedge 1903-06.
The result is a kind of permanent Kulturkampf, in which rigidly binary thinking gives rise to trumped-up claims and conspiracy theories.
Though she never actually mentions Otto von Bismarck's Kulturkampf against Prussian Catholics during the 1870s, she clearly envisions relying on the full force of the state to forge her reformed Islam.
En la epoca del Kulturkampf el Estado entro a regular cuestiones intra-eclesiasticas, entre otras la formacion que debian tener los ministros de culto para poder ejercer su ministerio en el territorio del Estado.
It is interesting to read Kopp's description of Bismarck's Kulturkampf and compare it with the image of the Kulturkampf and "die Hakatisten" preserved in Polish memory.
A special committee of the governor-general radically reduced the autonomy of the Roman Catholic Church in recruiting clergy and practicing its faith--in some ways anticipating Bismarck's Kulturkampf in Germany in the next decade.
American Kulturkampf," with its provocative title and severe engagement with an issue of immediate concern, is likely to be acutely controversial; but it will be a rare essay or review in Modern Age that does not arouse at least a demurrer among some readers.