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A city of south-central Ghana northwest of Accra. Founded c. 1700, it is a commercial and transportation center in a cocoa-producing region.


(Placename) a city in S Ghana: seat of Ashanti kings since 1663; university (1961); market town for a cocoa-producing region. Pop: 862 000 (2005 est)


(kʊˈmɑ si)

the capital of Ashanti district, in S Ghana. 376,246.
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Noun1.Kumasi - a city in southern Ghana
Ghana, Gold Coast, Republic of Ghana - a republic in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea; "Ghana was colonized as the Gold Coast by the British"
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A well-travelled guy in our village--who used to bend our ears with long stories about what he had seen "abroad" (by which he usually meant Accra and Kumase)--said he had seen Gyamfi play for the famous Kumase Asante Kotoko, and described his antics to us thus:
Subsequent to the journey a family of Kumase kente weavers, the Asamoahs, have begun to create collectible kente bookmarks in honor of the Nana Tubman Enstoolment in their homeland.
Its demise was linked to the growing importance of Atlantic trade networks and the rise of powerful states in the forested regions of southern Ghana, and according to oral traditions, many craftsmen were relocated from Begbo to Kumase, the Asante capital, following an attack on Begho in the eighteenth century.
Booked on suspicion of murder were Kumase Baraka Jefferson, 22, Robert Lawrence Smith, 24, and Kido Smith, 27, according to LAPD jail officials.
My father travelled a lot to buy supplies for his shop, and so he knew almost every driver who plied the routes between Suhum and Koforidua as well as Nsawam and Kumase, One of his best friends was a driver who lived at Kyebi and whom we kids called "Papa 'Sei" (for Osei).