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 (ko͝o-tī′sē, ko͞o′tə-yē′syĭ)
A city of western Georgia west-northwest of Tbilisi. The capital first of ancient Colchis and later of a medieval Georgian kingdom, Kutaisi was integrated into the Russian Empire after 1810.


(Russian kutaˈisi)
(Placename) an industrial city in W Georgia on the Rioni River: one of the oldest towns of the Caucasus. Pop: 175 000 (2005 est)


(kuˈtaɪ si)

also Ku•tais


a city in the W Georgian Republic. 235,000.
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Wardrop's translation of another article--"Arrest of Georgian Princess" published in the magazine Rech 70 (March 1909)--depicts the meeting of nobles in Kutais after many aristocrats and members of high society were exiled without any reason and explanation.
Calling junk e-mail ("spam") and privacy on cell phones and other wireless communication devices issues that have reached the boiling point, Kutais (Trends in Internet Research, 2004) collects chapters by him and another contributor (without giving professional affiliations for either) that overview debates over these issues and responses/non-responses by the U.