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 (ko͞ot′n-ā′, -n-ē′)
n. pl. Kutenai or Ku·te·nais
1. A member of a Native American people inhabiting parts of southeast British Columbia, northeast Washington, northwestern Montana, and northern Idaho.
2. The language of the Kutenai, of no known linguistic affiliation.


or Koo•te•nay

(ˈkut nˌeɪ, -nˌi)

n., pl. -nais or -nays, (esp. collectively) -nai or -nay.
1. a member of an American Indian people of S British Columbia, N Idaho, and W Montana.
2. the language of the Kutenai.
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The treaty was established to bring peace to the warring Blackfeet and their enemies, including the Flatheads, Pend O'reilles, Kutenais, and Nez Perces.
Pierre Jean De Smet's missions to the Indians of the Pacific Northwest and the Great Plains - especially the Couer d'Alenes, Kalispels, Kutenais, Blackfeet and Flatheads - were modeled on the reducciones of two centuries earlier in Paraguay.