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Las primeras dificultades serias que tuvo el Vicariato de Fujian en estos primeros anos vinieron de la rebelion Taiping (1850-1864), que tuvo su centro en la vecina provincia de Kwangsi ([TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII]).
By 207 BC, Chao T'o, a Ch'in general, was able to establish a Chinese southern state that commanded the Kwantung and Kwangsi Provinces, and the Red River Delta of northern Vietnam.
The Tonkinese sub-species (Gallus gallus jabouillei) is found in North Vietnam (Tonkin), the extreme southeast of Yunnan, Kwangsi, Kwantung and Hainan.
Anchalee Tungtrongchitr [1], Nitat Sookrung [2], Nitaya Indrawattana [3], Sukanya Kwangsi [1], Jeerawan Ongrotchanakun [1], and Wanpen Chaicumpa [1]
Fukien, Honan, Hopei, Hunan, Kwangsi, Kwangtung, Kweichow, Shantung, Szechwan and Yunnan; (d.
But we knew the Japanese had come into Kwangsi Province.
Ch'u Shih-ssu, grand coordinator of Kwangsi (Kwangsi hsun-fu) of the Southern Ming, resisted the Ch'ing till his death during the fall of Kuei-lin.
Born in Kwangtung (Guangdong) province (1896), he rose to become a prominent member of the Kwangsi warlord faction, along with Li Tsung-jen and Pai Ch'ung-hsi; joined the Nationalists (KMT), and commanded the IV (Ironside) Corps during the opening stages of the Northern Expedition; with Li, defeated warlord Wu P'ei-fu's forces at Ting-sze-chiao and Ho-shen-chiao in northern Hunan (summer?
But Japanese units deployed in China's Kwangsi province to the north-east of Tonkin immediately contravened this agreement.
Born to a peasant family in Kwangsi (Guangxi) province (c.