Kindle, Kendle, Kindling, Kyndyll

 a litter or brood, [from the German Kinder’children, offspring’?]
Examples: kindle of young cats—Bk. of St. Albans, 1486; of elephants, 1220; of hares; of kittens,—Brewer; of leverets; of rabbits.
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Cadwalladyr sail Owan call and walys sail busk yaim for to ryse And allbayn sail to yaim fall Scotland and kyndyll bale apon yair wyse yan ryse vnro tyll alyens all trouble Owen grondyn glayus gers yaim gryse sharpened spears, makes them fearful and Bretons chullys yaim als a ball kick and setts to yaim ouer sary assyse harsh judgement